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Weekend trip: Málaga

It's a gloomy February on this side of the world.

If you identify as "solar powered" AKA a person from the tropics, you should know that it's a struggle to be a functioning human in northern Europe at this time of the year. Endless gray days, zero sunlight, and if you live in Amsterdam, you'll get a bonus serving of wind and rain.

While there are ways to trick your body into getting that much needed vitamin D and serotonin, sometimes the only solution is to get it from the real thing. Luckily, cities in the southern part of Europe offer a quick escape from the gloom.
Why choose Málaga?
Málaga was not on the top of my list for a weekend getaway until someone who knows me all too well presented the idea. It became the escape of choice because: It's affordable and easily accessible from most main European cities.It's less crowded than most Spanish cities.It's a coastal city, swimming is optional (it's still way too cold for that).It's Picasso'…