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A Pinay's guide to surviving the winter

The weather was never a subject of concern.

Until late 2018 when I moved from the tropics, where you can trust the sun to shine brightly every day, to Amsterdam where sunlight is best described as erratic in the winter.

If you are from the tropics and are facing your first winter, this post is for you.
Why is the winter tougher for us Pinays?
It's all about the sun.

Most people tend to avoid the sun in the Philippines. It's scorching hot, it can't be helped. Yes, too much time under the sun is harmful but if you slather on sunblock, you can still soak up all of the sun's goodness without damaging your skin.

I enjoy being under the sun probably way too much so as expected, the effects of lack of sun exposure were amplified. I first thought that my lack of energy was the consequence of moving to a strange, new continent, but further research showed me that I just probably need the sun (or at least serotonin and vitamin D).
Serotonin Sunlight triggers the release of serot…