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The Comeback

Writing took the limelight in the last two years.

Not of flowing poetry and captivating prose but of precise instructions and comprehensive descriptions.

Because I was already caught up with my role as a technical writer, all personal writing came to a halt, with only the occasional journal entries interrupting my otherwise writing-free leisure time.

Recently, I have decided to get back to writing because:
It's a great exercise for exploring and expressing your thoughts.I have learned a thing or two from my profession and I would like to apply those in my personal writing.It's the best way to share stories A recap from 2016 onwards I have accumulated much perspective in the last two years that it will be too much to unpack in one post. Here's a shot at a rundown: Vietnam In 2017, I moved to Vietnam. In hindsight, this was a result of the clarity I gathered from my freelancing days. Before those days ended, I felt like the only reason I was freelancing was to prove to myself…