I've been dreading the day when I finally do this, force myself to sit, and produce something. It does not help that more than a month ago I've abandoned this blog and my last words were represented by those of a sponsored post. Who does that? Guilty as charged.

So here I am, bouncing back. Things need some changing around here.

First, the layout needs a revamp. A little tweak here and there and it should be as good as new. I will go back to the drawing board and come up with something inspired by minimalist designs that I admire. I imagine it would entail hours and hours of self-tutoring on CSS but wouldn't that be more fulfilling? If you happen to be a guru on web design, I would be grateful for any tips and pointers. Brunch on me!

Second, the posts! Oh the posts need some boosting. I've been cooking something in my head. A collaboration with fellow bloggers that would inspire me to write weekly.. ahem. :)

Lastly, See.Hear.Explore. is more fun with fellow enthusiasts! Let's make it a more collaborative and interactive world shall we?

So now, sit back, drink up, and keep plotting those destinations. Change is coming and it's only going to get better! ;)

PS. This is my public declaration of commitment to this share of space. Let's all See.Hear.Explore. more often!


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