Under the Bridge

For the lack of words, I am ending this blogging hiatus with a photo post.

These are images of the Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore, taken in January of this year when I took a break from my me time in Brunei to visit friends.

I dragged my friends to this bridge telling them that if there is one thing that I wanted to see in my trip, this was it. We must see the Henderson Waves Bridge at dusk.

And so we did.

The view of the bridge from the stairs
Henderson Waves Bridge is a pedestrian bridge connecting Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. This is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore (at 118ft) and walking along the wooden planks one would see the tree tops, the skyline, the harbor front and the stream of traffic along Henderson Road. The bridge is characterized by the steel waves that go up and down along the walkway.

The bridge at dusk
Under the roof of the waves are wooden benches where one can sit and read while staring at the sunset.

Henderson Road as seen from the bridge

The waves are lit up at night
The bridge is a lovely sight at night, when all the waves are lit up. Too bad I was unable to take a photo but here's one from Worldtoptop.

Photo from www.worldtoptop.com
Bridges, aside from connecting places, are manifestations of a great imagination and architectural genius. I think I am starting to develop a fondness for bridges.

How to go to Henderson Waves Bridge:
- From Vivo City, cross the street and take bus 131 or 145. Get off at the Bef Telok Blangah Hts stop. The Henderson Waves Bridge can be seen from here. Cross the street and climb the stairs going to the bridge.


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