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My Mojo, Chinese New Year, and Miri

In an attempt to get my mojo back, I impulsively bought bus tickets from Brunei to Miri in Sarawak, Malaysia for this year's Chinese New Year weekend.
Rewind to one weekend before this. I spent the whole day locked up in the hotel room and in between wolfing down breakfast and grudgingly walking down the road to find dinner, I laid in bed doing utterly nothing, alternating between sleeping and mindlessly staring at the TV. The day ended with me feeling miserable and inadequate (emo, yes!).
So on that Friday afternoon, something switched and I suddenly decided to go to Miri. 

Woes of a First Time OFW

I am going to go ahead and self-diagnose. This must be how homesickness feels like. 
In the midst of this stump I'm in and instead of wallowing in this so-called sadness, I have resolved to turn things around and put this into good, and hopefully, constructive use.
I will start by saying that the guy who first said "Be careful what you wish for" was a genius.
You see, I have always wanted to experience working outside my home country, just to check how I will fare when I am alone in a foreign land. This has always been somewhere at the back of my mind, ready to jump when the right opportunity comes. Working in a global company with short-term assignments in other countries is just perfect. Saved me the hassle of actually looking for a job overseas, lining up for requirements, finding an accommodation, and having to tend to all my needs abroad. 
When the 2013 came in, the universe conspired into giving me what I wanted. You want experience?