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Musings for the Season

Before I left for the holidays, this street corner with World Christmas gigantic displays caught my eye. This could possibly be the only part of Brunei that screams 'Happy Holidays!'

Brunei: First Impressions

Without any sleep and with tequila in my veins, I stepped out of the plane and met the glaring sun. It was a sunshiny Sunday when I first set foot in this little country located southwest of the Philippines. 
It took around 30 minutes to get from the aiport to the hotel and the ride reminded me of the trip from KLIA to Kuala Lumpur with long freeways eventually leading to the bustling city. The difference was that the long freeways ended in Bandar Seri Begawan, a city that was the complete opposite of bustling... it was calm and quiet, not a single street looked busy.

I could see the sky in all its blueness, without obstructions. The absence of skyscrapers make it extremely lovely to look at the vast horizon. A few minutes after arriving at the hotel, a colleague invited me for a trip to Muara beach. The bed was very tempting, but between sleeping and going to the beach, I knew sleeping could wait. ;)