First Antsybeersary!

A year ago, I had nothing better to do but revisit my old online presence elsewhere and immediately felt the urge to get back into blogging.

A year ago, I wrote about the first thing that came into my mind... summits and how I hate the feeling of gasping for breath while on the trail but loving the climb anyway

A year ago, I decided to self-medicate with writing as a cure to my short-attention span and proved that it did help me keep my focus for at least a few minutes a day.

What I'm trying to say is that it has been a year! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the lovely year that was. 

The Year That Was - 2011 Collage

One of the few posts where
I feel the need to post a photo of myself! 
I am celebrating because that, for me, is a real feat. Having started (and eventually forgetting!) a couple of blogs before, See.Hear.Explore. has been the only one that I have stayed with and kept, providing faithful (at least monthly) updates like that of a long-distance lover.

After sharing 47 posts, experiencing more than 10 major destinations, having 1 published article, and meeting friends on the road (and online), I know that this one could only get better. I am looking forward to more years of experiencing the world, to having more opportunities of sharing and exchanging stories, to learning more, to continue meeting inspiring people on the road, and gaining more insight on the things that define me. 

A year later, my conviction to see, hear, and explore is stronger than ever.


Now, I'll quit the drama and get back to my drink! :)



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