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Hongkong Island: The Peak Trail

Armed with a heavy lunch from Yuen Kee and finally certain on the places that we wanted to see for the rest of the afternoon, we set-off and rode the Tsuen Wan Line MTR. 

From the TST station, we got off at the Central station. We lingered at every interesting detail along the way (including a group of factory workers holding a protest in front of a park) that it took us a bit longer than the usual 10-minute walk to get to the Peak Tram terminal.

The terminal was filled with tourists wanting to catch the sunset at The Peak and people nudged their way to get good seats on the tram. Good thing we were quick and were able to get the window seat, facing the harbor. 

The Peak Tram ride going on the way up to the Peak in Hongkong Island offered a pleasant view of the Victoria Harbor on the right and the streets of Kowloon and southern Hongkong Island on the left. 

After less than 10 minutes of the tram ride, we stopped at the end of the rail at The Peak Tower with just enough time to look for a good spot to view the sunset.  Instead of choosing to buy the tickets to get in the Sky Terrace, we opted, of course, to go the cheaper way. Right across the street was The Peak Galleria, offering the same panoramic view of Hongkong Island and Victoria Harbor minus the fee.
The Peak Tower
The Peak Galleria
View from the top 
Down the Peak Road was the elegant and expensive-looking Peak Lookout Café.  It was nice to look at, but we didn’t even dare to see their menu. There are a lot more decently priced choices downtown. Right beside the café, on the Harlech Road, was a marker for The Peak Trail.  
The Peak Lookout Cafe

We took the 3km Morning Trail and enjoyed the captivating views of the Lamma Island and Pok Fu Lam Reservoir.   The trail was lined with trees on both sides, which I considered masukal enough for my liking, and with occasional benches along the way for resting.

It was along this trail that I was mesmerized by Hongkong. It's an ideal mix of the busy city life with the calming greens and scenic trails less than 30mins away from the city, all easily reachable by public transportation.  

I would have said 'I love Hongkong' if it weren't for such a short 3-day visit. Plus, love is too strong of a word. Until I get to go for a second visit, mesmerized is the word. 


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