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Athens, Greece - Where it all started

Not that I needed an excuse to go anywhere, but in 2019, I had the perfect ruse to go to Athens for the weekend—the Stoicon 2019! 
Before you start thinking that it was a gathering of stoics and people with poker faces, let me set this straight. Stoicon is the Modern Stoicism Conference, where people who practice Stoicism (the ancient Greek philosophy), who are interested in Stoicism, or who are curious to know about Stoicism, meet for a weekend. I've never been to one and I had some doubts, but the thought of attending a Stoicism conference held right at the city where it first started was way too enticing to pass up.

The Stoicon weekend experience  Before Stoicon 2019, I've never actually met anyone in real life who practiced Stoicism. From 2013 when I first read about Stoicism up until the Stoicon, I've considered myself as an interested party, one who reads about Stoicism and occasionally applies what she's read in real life.  Being in an auditorium full of people who…

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