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How traveling solo revealed an underlying crisis

It's been three years since my last solo journey.

In 2016 I wandered through Visayas for a month. Good friends joined me on some legs of the trip, interesting strangers shared my journey through the rest.

I clearly remember when it happened. It was a beautiful day and I was sitting in front of the beach, right outside my rented tiny cottage, when this slow, sinking feeling crept in. I don't know why I was doing what I did.

Maybe it was aggravated by the scenery - the turquoise sea, waves gently lapping on the shore, surrounded by the quietness of it all. I was sitting in the middle of beauty and still there was that nagging question, "What the f*** am I doing this for again?".

"Because I can", along with other reasons that I came up with, were all unconvincing.

It made me feel guilty. For all the freedom that I wanted and finally had, the location independence I dreamt of years back and worked so hard for, I was ashamed to acknowledge that there was a tinge …
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Weekend trip: Málaga

It's a gloomy February on this side of the world.

If you identify as "solar powered" AKA a person from the tropics, you should know that it's a struggle to be a functioning human in northern Europe at this time of the year. Endless gray days, zero sunlight, and if you live in Amsterdam, you'll get a bonus serving of wind and rain.

While there are ways to trick your body into getting that much needed vitamin D and serotonin, sometimes the only solution is to get it from the real thing. Luckily, cities in the southern part of Europe offer a quick escape from the gloom.
Why choose Málaga?
Málaga was not on the top of my list for a weekend getaway until someone who knows me all too well presented the idea. It became the escape of choice because: It's affordable and easily accessible from most main European cities.It's less crowded than most Spanish cities.It's a coastal city, swimming is optional (it's still way too cold for that).It's Picasso'…

A Pinay's guide to surviving the winter

The weather was never a subject of concern.

Until late 2018 when I moved from the tropics, where you can trust the sun to shine brightly every day, to Amsterdam where sunlight is best described as erratic in the winter.

If you are from the tropics and are facing your first winter, this post is for you.
Why is the winter tougher for us Pinays?
It's all about the sun.

Most people tend to avoid the sun in the Philippines. It's scorching hot, it can't be helped. Yes, too much time under the sun is harmful but if you slather on sunblock, you can still soak up all of the sun's goodness without damaging your skin.

I enjoy being under the sun probably way too much so as expected, the effects of lack of sun exposure were amplified. I first thought that my lack of energy was the consequence of moving to a strange, new continent, but further research showed me that I just probably need the sun (or at least serotonin and vitamin D).
Serotonin Sunlight triggers the release of serot…

The Comeback

Writing took the limelight in the last two years.

Not of flowing poetry and captivating prose but of precise instructions and comprehensive descriptions.

Because I was already caught up with my role as a technical writer, all personal writing came to a halt, with only the occasional journal entries interrupting my otherwise writing-free leisure time.

Recently, I have decided to get back to writing because:
It's a great exercise for exploring and expressing your thoughts.I have learned a thing or two from my profession and I would like to apply those in my personal writing.It's the best way to share stories A recap from 2016 onwards I have accumulated much perspective in the last two years that it will be too much to unpack in one post. Here's a shot at a rundown: Vietnam In 2017, I moved to Vietnam. In hindsight, this was a result of the clarity I gathered from my freelancing days. Before those days ended, I felt like the only reason I was freelancing was to prove to myself…

2016: On Things Other Than Traveling

Photos from 2016 show fantastic things that happened to me this year (throwbacks included), but the real best things weren't caught on camera. Traveling was still a huge part of my year but more than these experiences, 2016 was a year of self-discovery. I'll call it the year I came to terms with my own titahood.

The Best of 2016 The gift of VipassanaThe best thing I gave myself this year was a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course. Years ago, I was looking for a meditation class knowing that I had to go deep in my mind as a form of cleansing.  I knew what I wanted: non-sectarian, in-depth, and stay-in. This year, I finally got myself a slot at the Vipassana Meditation Center Philippines
Ten days later, I felt like a different person. Vipassana is life-changing. The practice taught me to embrace impermanence and to make mindful choices. Vipassana was the catalyst that helped me to finally act on my beliefs. Mastering your mind (or at least the attempt to do so) is liberating. Waki…

Stumbling Into Jeepney Hostel and Rediscovering Boracay

Boracay is still gorgeous with its white sand beaches, stunning sunsets, and superb internet connection (I need this for work) but my disenchantment stems from what I see is an unsustainable growth in the tourism sector. The last time I was here, I was that b*tch who complained about everything -  it's too crowded, people don't care about their trash, the traffic in this tiny island, and exorbitant prices at least for a backpacker.

I didn't realize that staying in the right place would somehow change my mind.
I reluctantly included this stop in my Visayas trip to take a friend around the island. While walking to Mt. Luho Viewpoint, I spotted this hostel right by the corner of the road. The place looked laid-back, with its pool table, hammocks, and a bamboo bridge between room areas. Since I needed a place to stay for the night, I went ahead and got myself a bed in the dorm room.

"Some places make you feel at home and Boracay right now just doesn't feel like one,&q…

The Real Halloween Special: Haunted Road Trip with Experience PH

It's that time of the year when we are all allowed to be scared shi*tless.
And no I don’t mean scaring yourself with a semi-terrifying, semi-cute bloody nurse or a slightly gory but really sexy, shirtless hunter showing off his abs. No.

I mean being haunted by the kind of stories that make it to the Magandang Gabi BayanHalloween Special.

If you were a 90’s kid, Halloween means watching Noli de Castro in his ghastliest appearance as he narrates paranormal stories. It means covering your face and peeking through your hands when it's time for all those too realistic reenactments of floating caskets, drifting white ladies, and red-eyed devils. That’s the sort of thing that I miss with the Halloween of the 90’s.
So last year, we decided to scare ourselves ala Magandang Gabi Bayan style.

We ended up sleeping in a haunted house.

Sleepover at the ever famous haunted house, Bahay na Pula. Thankfully, no personal horror experience to tell. #manhidforever A photo posted by Ruby Batallon…